23/06/07 Press Release


Indigenous Film Project about the Life of Steven Stark (Slə́qsit) Announces Fundraising Campaign

June 7, 2023 – Kamloops, B.C. – Orenda Films, a Kamloops-based production company, has announced the launch of its fundraising campaign for the upcoming documentary about the life of Steven Stark (Slə́qsit) from the Tsawwassen First Nation. Steven (Slə́qsit), a prominent Indigenous entrepreneur, has made significant contributions advocating for Indigenous rights, while simultaneously fighting for his own healing from traumatic childhood experiences.

Through a series of intimate interviews, the film will delve into Steven’s (Slə́qsit) personal journey, exploring themes such as identity, reconciliation, and the power of storytelling. The project also aims to shed light on intergenerational trauma, substance addictions and the importance of family, culture and community in healing. 

“Steve is an incredible leader and person who deserves recognition for his accomplishments and successes given his early years of trauma, abuse and addiction. Through our film, we hope that we can continue the healing process of Steve, his nation and other Indigenous people. Steve has a remarkable story and our goal is to share it in hopes that it will benefit other people going through similar issues.” says Nolan McAllister, the film’s director and principal of Orenda Films. 

To launch their fundraising campaign, the production team has released a short video showcasing highlights from the upcoming documentary which features a sincere statement from Steven (Slə́qsit) and evocative footage of the landscape that currently defines his life. The video invites viewers to participate in the tradition of storytelling as a healing practice.

The film’s official website, https://stevenstarkfilm.com, includes the short film,  detailed information on the film’s synopsis, the team behind the production, and ways to support the fundraising campaign. Visitors can also sign up for updates and exclusive content as the documentary progresses.

Funds raised through the campaign will go towards production costs, including equipment, travel expenses, and post-production work. The team is committed to creating a high-quality documentary that does justice to the powerful story of Steven Stark (Slə́qsit) and the Indigenous community as a whole.

To learn more about the documentary, watch the short video, or contribute to the fundraising campaign, please visit the official website at https://stevenstarkfilm.com.

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For more information, please review Steven Stark’s biography and Nolan McAllister’s biography. Additional media assets are available here.

For media inquiries, please contact Nolan McAllister at info@orendafilms.ca or 250.574.6677.